10 best Christmas movies for adults

...if you're feeling really naughty. "'Twas the night before Christmas,"...and you're exhausted, but you got everything done because you're awesome. Sit back and relax. You deserve a family-free night! Welcome back. Thanks for reading my "Nice List" and "(Slightly) Naughty List" films. Here are some Santa's "(Really) Naughty List" films for when your little Cindy... Continue Reading →

Santa Baby! Starbucks Giveaway Challenge

Here are my Santa babies! I'd love to hear about yours. You could win a $25 Starbucks gift card! TO ENTER: Santa Baby! Starbucks Giveaway Challenge On WordPress, where you're reading my blog FOLLOW my blog Stay-in-Bed Mom. Here's how:  Subscribe to my website my clicking the "Follow..." link in the lower right-hand corner of... Continue Reading →

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