Stress-Free Social Media Break

Hi All, I'm taking a brief hiatus from my blog and Instagram account @stayinbedmomblog. Lately, I'm feeling stressed and stretched too thin, which means I need to "stay in bed" more. See you in soon!In the meantime, please leave your blog topic ideas in the comments. What would you like to see more of on... Continue Reading →

A Final Thought – From the Pillow

You may wonder why each Stay-in-Bed Mom Blog (SIBMB) post ends with a "A Final Thought - From the Pillow". I grew up watching The Jerry Springer Show with my gram during lazy summer afternoons and holiday breaks from school hahah. I'd sit in a child's pose at the end of Mygram's bed and wait for... Continue Reading →

Overcoming all-or-nothing thinking

Thank you for joining Stay-in-Bed Mom Blog (SIBMB) for an ongoing positive self-talk series. Self-love starts with positive self-talk. We'll continue to discuss cognitive distortions, or unhelpful thinking styles, through the lens of parenthood. A little cognitive distortion here, a little exaggeration there isn't going to affect your mental state in the short term. However,... Continue Reading →

Self-love starts with positive self-talk

Ah, the voice in your head...Sometimes your brain can be a mouthy, lying little b!tch or @ss. "I can't do anything right." "I'm a bad mom (dad)." "My kids would be better off without me." Back talk that b!tch (or @ss)! Join me for Stay-in-Bed Mom Blog's (SIBMB) positive self-talk series. Don't trust every thought.... Continue Reading →

More Mamantras from you

Do you have a "Daddy Devotional" or a "Mamantra"? Sharing is caring! Blog followers, join my Insta-tribe of mindful mamas and devoted dadas. Follow these wise parents today on Instagram! Feel Good...Feel Better...Feel Wonderful (because you are)... - @startermama Thank you, @startermama and Bob Wiley (Bill Murray) from What About Bob? (1991) - a favorite... Continue Reading →

Mamantras from you

What are you longing for in your #momlife? Happiness? Peace? Love? Knowledge? Action? Blog followers, join my Insta-tribe of mindful mamas and devoted dadas. Follow these wise parents today on Instagram! Tomorrow Not Today - @missdee_85 Coffee First - @mothersdirtydishes Love First - @manchestermamachecklist 1 of 2 2 of 2 Play Don't Perform... - @bootsngrace... Continue Reading →

Mamantras: what’s yours?

I'm not broken; I'm becoming. I may not have mastered the art of meditation (far from it), but I'm becoming a more mindful mama. I try to take a deep cleansing in and out breath whenever I feel tightness in my chest, AKA "the chest tar". Do you have a mom mantra or "Mamantra"? Mine... Continue Reading →

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