My Ritz Cracker addiction

Are you craving more carbs lately? What makes your carb intake skyrocket – cold weather, busy holidays, stressful life events? Stay-in-bed mom has another Ritz Cracker carb load. Ahhh! It’s okay – whatever your craving – remember children are challenging. Don’t be hard on yourself.

Stay-in-Bed Mom

Hi, my name is Stay-in-Bed Mom, and I’m a Ritz Crackers addict. It’s been six days since I ate my last sleeve.

O, golden rounds, how I love thee. Your supremely delicious disks of glory are a delight to behold. I admit I’m powerless over you. Ritz Crackers, your seductive scalloped edges sing a siren song. Mom life is unmanageable without your buttery goodness. One taste is “a bite of the good life.”

Single cracker

Ever noticed how the word crack is in Ritz Crackers? You are a drug to me, Ritz Crackers. You’re just so darn addicting, and I can never get enough. I start grinding my teeth whenever I see your signature red box in our kitchen pantry.

Rather than admit I have a problem, I’ve tried a few strategies to hide my addiction from my husband.

  1. Pay for Ritz Crackers with cash. We share bank and…

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