Q&A with Stay-in-Bed Mom Blog

Hi, it’s Stay-in-Bed Mom! I have new followers to my @stayinbedmomblog Instagram and WordPress accounts and thought I would reshare this post I wrote. I hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think.

Stay-in-Bed Mom

Followers, have you wondered where I got my blog name “stay-in-bed mom” or Instagram handle @stayinbedmomblog? Or what it means to be a “stay-in-bed mom”? Read on.

Do you stay in bed all the time?

No, from from it. But I do enjoy being in bed (not just when I sleep). Having time to relax in my bedroom is an important part of my self-care regiment.

One Instagram follower wondered why I spent so much time in bed. Here’s what she asked:

“Hey! So Im being totally random, but why are you in bed so much? Im apparently missing something somewhere and was curious, plus how do you keep from not going nuts?! I was on 3 months bedrest with our daughter…and I thought THAT was bad, now [I have an injury]….being laid out like this is NOT my thing and I need some advice and love….😍😍😍😍😍


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