Picture books about birds and taking flight

Thanks for joining my “Mommy and Me” Book Club. I hope you’re enjoying my ongoing “stay in bed and read” series. See my previous post on Looking for Me for a book summary and “quotable quotes”.

As you’re reading Looking for Me by Beth Hoffman in bed (or in your favorite armchair), feel free to share these picture books with your children. The protagonist’s brother Josh, a bird-loving naturalist, inspired the book selections.

For every “mommy book” read, I’ll suggest a “me book” for your children with a similar theme. It is my hope that this “Mommy and Me” book club is a fun activity for you and your children.

Picture Books About Birds, Taking Flight

1. Calvin Can’t Fly: The Story of a Bookworm Birdie (2010) | Jennifer Berne

An im-PECK-able selection, Calvin is a geeky beaky who loves to bury his beak in a good book. While flying South, Calvin senses a hurricane is coming (he read about one!) and saves his starling friends by staying coo in a crisis. This book will make your soul take flight, a loop-de-loop left and dipsy-doodle right, and sour to new heights. (Age Range:  4-8 years)

2. Hooray for Birds! (2017) | Lucy Cousins

My little birdies love the bright and brilliant Matisse-like illustrations. Even the smallest bird watchers will stay alert during a reading of the highflying story. This book invites future ornithologists to pretend they’re birds – the rooster announcing a new day (cock-a-doodle-do), the owl hooting a nighttime song (tuwit, tuwoo), and so many others. (Age Range:  N/A)

3. Mama Built a Little Nest (2014) | Jennifer Ward

Mama gives her hatchlings wings to fly, but also a place to perch. The catchy and original rhymes about nests – large and small, silky and cottony, muddy and twiggy – are simply delightful! This book explores all the nests, in all the places birds call home. (Age Range:  4-8 years)

4. Birds (2009) | Kevin Henkes

A young girl watches birds outside her window and imagines what it’s like to fly. This fledgling bird watcher observes the colors, shapes, sizes, and movements of her feathered friends. You’ll love imaginative lines like: “If birds made marks with their tail feathers when they flew, think what the sky would look like.” (Age Range:  4-8 years)

5. Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! (2003) | Mo Willems

My little tweethearts can’t get enough of this original story. A peeved pigeon, not unlike your short tempered toddler, demands he take over for the absent bus driver and steer the bus. This book is sure to make you smile or even laugh out loud. (Age Range:  2-6 years)

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A Final Thought – From the Pillow

Hope all the bad bird puns didn’t ruffle your feathers. 

So go ahead. “Put a bird on it.” Your bookshelf, that is!

What other picture books would you add the list?

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