More Mamantras from you

Do you have a “Daddy Devotional” or a “Mamantra”? Sharing is caring!

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Feel Good…Feel Better…Feel Wonderful (because you are)… – @startermama

Thank you, @startermama and Bob Wiley (Bill Murray) from What About Bob? (1991) – a favorite movie character of mine. Yes, indeed. “I feel good. I feel great. I feel wonderful.”

This Shall Pass. – @rachel98178

Brush My Teeth… –

Do What Works… – @southbaydreamin

1 of 2

2 of 2

Time Not Things – @stacey_t16

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2 of 2

A Final Thought – From the Pillow

Namaste in bed.

So mediate on your mantra or muse on one of the above.

Mantras come in many forms. What’s your Mamantra?

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