Mamantras: what’s yours?

I’m not broken; I’m becoming. I may not have mastered the art of meditation (far from it), but I’m becoming a more mindful mama.

I try to take a deep cleansing in and out breath whenever I feel tightness in my chest, AKA “the chest tar”.

Do you have a mom mantra or “Mamantra”?

Mine is “I am enough.”

In fact it’s so important to me I included it on my home page!

Sometimes I insert a word like mom, wife, daughter, etc. that applies to the trigger – the stressful person or situation that sets me off.

Just the other day I was in the kitchen, a place I associate with personal failure and defeat, facing another eating battle. I wasn’t proud of the meal, but there was a protein, a whole grain, a fruit, a vegetable, and a dairy item. Tonight was a good night. But I knew most of the food would go uneaten and end up in the garbage, more evidence that I’m a bad cook/meal preparer and therefore a bad mom. Slowly drawing in my breath I whispered, “I am [mom] enough”. I felt better instantly.

When formulating your Mamantra, make it pithy. Aim to fit all the words into a single in breath. As a general rule, the mantra should be one to three words, but no more. What matters most though is choosing a word or phrase that resonates with you.

A Final Thought – From the Pillow

Mindful moms/dads meditate on mantras.

So use a mom mantra to aid in meditation or to help you in your process of becoming, becoming the best person – and parent – you can be.

Do you have a Mamantra? Please share!

Feel free to like/comment on this post with your Mamantra. Or shoot me an e-mail,” or like/comment on my accompanying Instagram post @stayinbedmomblog!

2 thoughts on “Mamantras: what’s yours?

Add yours

  1. One of my mantras when I’m feeling overwhelmed or stressed is “everything is temporary….this feeling/day/phase/emotion” it all passes. Sometimes when I’m bogged down it just helps me remember to not take myself to seriously.

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