A day in the life of a stay-at-home mom

There are some prejudices about the day of a stay-at-home mom (SAHM) being easy. Yoga pants! Naps!! Playgrounds!!! While some days are easy, other days are so hard you feel like quitting.

As a lover of literature and of good parents, I often think what would Harper Lee’s Atticus Finch do (or say)? (Well, at least the To Kill a Mockingbird Atticus not the Go Set a Watchman Atticus.) Atticus has it right:  “You never really know a man woman until you stand in his her shoes and walk around in them.”

You don’t really know a mom unless you step into her shoes. Our days are as different as the shoes we wear – sandals, slippers, sneakers, stilettos. There’s no typical day in the life of SAHM.

Stand in my slipper socks. Walk around in them.

You’ll see my day is far from perfect. My day isn’t perfect because I’m not a perfect parent or person.

  • I don’t make perfect meals.
  • I don’t organize perfect playdates.
  • I don’t offer perfect enrichment/extracurricular activities.
  • I don’t maintain a perfect sleep schedule.
  • I don’t keep a perfect house.
  • etc.

But what I lack in perfection, I make up for in stability. I try to be present not perfect. Our children, above all, deserve a happy and present parent not a perfect parent.

Here’s a glimpse of a day in my life as a SAHM. Tell me what you think!

6:00 am:  In bed

6:30 am:  In bed

7:00 am:  Still in bed

7:30/7:45 am:  Snooze!

8:00 am:  Wakeup call

  • Awakened by son:  “Mom, get up.” #I’dRatherBeInBed (He opens the blinds and offers me a Dixie cup of water.)
  • Get son breakfast and put on a show (current favorite:  Curious George), #ParentOfTheYear.
  • Make a bottle (“bah”) for my daughter and feed her. Bring her downstairs.

8:30 am:  Rush and race

  • Get dressed, no time to brush my teeth or bathe like a proper adult. Gargle with mouthwash. Bathe with baby wipes and discard the dirties in my Diaper Genie/AKA upstairs trash can for unmentionables, #SpongeBath.
  • Dress two little people downstairs and change daughter’s diaper. Phew, good thing I laid out their outfits last night, #Where’sMySticker?
  • Grab pre-packed lunch out of the fridge, add ice pack, and put in book bag. Imagine adding another sticker to my “Good Mom” chart.

9:00 am:  Leave house for son’s preschool (Drop-off between 8:50-8:55 am, #MomFail!)

  • Get coats and shoes on!
  • Shout “Go, go, go!” Briskly walk to the car. Pick up #FoundObjects in backseat, e.g. sucker sticks, food scraps, hair bows, etc.
  • Listen to a book on CD en route (in car now: Stregna Nona or Lightning McQueen)

9:10/9:15 am:  Preschool drop off

  • Apologize profusely. (Say “thank you”, when “I’m sorry” is said too much or no longer means anything.)

9:30 am:  Starbuck’s drive-through

The usual:

10:00 am:  Return home

  • Watch daughter finish her midmorning snack. Oui oui, for a snack/meal I didn’t make, #MomWin!
  • Wait for the croissant scraps.

10:30 am:  Laundry folding/dance party

  • “Alexa, play ‘preschool songs’ in the living room!”

11:00 am:  Diaper change

11:30 am:  Tidy up house

12:00 pm:  Preschool pickup

12:30 pm:  Return home for lunch

1:00 pm:  Daughter’s nap time

  • Change diaper.
  • Start nap time routine: book, bottle (“bah”), bed.
  • Allow son to play ABCmouse.com on iPad, #Babysitter, while I help daughter get to sleep.

1:30 pm:  Mom vs. son nap battle (I lose!)

  • Feel sorry for myself, #NeverSleep.

2:00 pm:  Do something learned

  • Sit with son at his play table (still mad about the no nap), and practice his two finger letter or number writing in the “activity book”.

2:30 pm:  Do something learned (continued)

  • Work on son’s cutting skills with his kiddie scissors.
  • Try not to feel so stabby, #Where’sTheCoffee?

3:00 pm:  Snack time

3:30 pm:  Dad FaceTime, fun with emoji face filters

  • Chat with “Dah”, while he’s away on a work trip
  • Swat away little fingers as they try to press the oh-so-enticing red X/end call button.

4:00 pm:  Leave for late afternoon/early evening activity

4:30 pm:  Early Chick-fil-A dinner, #Hangry

  • You see a trend, here? I’ll do anything to get out of cooking. (I peel a sticker off my “Good Mom” chart.) #What’sForDinner? #Again

5:00 pm:  Shopping trip

  • Pick out son’s potty chart “finish” line reward, a trip to Target to buy more #HotWheels.
  • Choose a superhero gift for a little friend’s themed birthday party.

5:30 pm:  Shopping trip (continued)

6:00 pm:  Leave Target

6:15/6:30 pm:  Library storytime

7:00 pm:  Play in the children’s section of the library (fun with puzzles, puppets, trains, computer games, stuffed animals, etc.)

7:30 pm:  Leave the library

8:00 pm:  Bath and jammy time, #IsItOverYet?

8:30 pm:  Daughter in bed

  • Do bedtime for Little Miss: book, bottle (“bah”), bed, #HookedOnBahs, #MomFailAgain!
  • Prepare a bedtime snack and Curious George show for son.

9:00 pm: Son in bed

  • Do bedtime for the Master: books and bed, #IGottaStartBedtimeEarlier!

9:30 pm:  Leave son’s room

  • Feel bad they don’t go to bed at 7:30 or 8:00 pm, the ideal bedtime for 15 months to 4-year-olds!
  • Finish leftover chores. Blow off leftover chores.
  • Connect with husband on phone.

10:00 pm:  TV in bed (current favorite me-time indulgence:  The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel)

10:30 pm:  Quality stay-in-bed time (continued)

11:00 pm:  Fall asleep

A Final Thought – From the Pillow

#It’sAllWorthIt. Well, most days.

So be glad not mad and/or sad you (and not someone else) get to share these precious moments with your littles. Many working parents would love to change places with you, if given the chance.

This was a random Wednesday. What does a day in your life look like?

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