The art of the messy bun hairstyle

I’m in awe of the messy bun masters, the mothers with a finished look, a complete outfit, a made up face, or a polished hairstyle.

Either these women are incredibly skilled or incredibly lucky.

I’m not one of these women.

What I am is incredibly lazy. I like to pretend I’m put together by hiding behind oversized sunglasses and shapely yoga pants.

As you can imagine, I was delighted to learn about the messy bun. A hairstyle that takes no time and is better with dirty hair? A hairstyle where all you need is a nifty rubber band and nimble fingers? I’m in!

The problem is, this deceptively simple ‘do is really, really hard to do.

Well how hard can it possibly be? It turns out there’s an art to perfecting this hairstyle. If you Google “messy bun” you get a dizzying number of results. There are as many videos as strands of hair on my oversized noggin!

I kept trying and trying to make this hairstyle work for me. What was I doing wrong? Was it my technique? My tools? My hair (e.g. cut, coarseness, texture)?

No matter how I styled my hair, my bun resembled a little “rat’s nest” that I slept on all day. Still I was determined to make this seemingly fast and easy style work for me.

My search for a good messy bun how-to guide was exhaustive. I watched YouTube videos. I read articles. (The wikiHow article made my head hurt.) I even conducted interviews.

In my hunt to find the cutest (but also easiest to execute) messy bun, I asked family, friends, and the occasional stranger how they do their buns. Most of the time my interviewees sheepishly giggled and said, “I dunno”. Were they being genuinely modest? Or were they faking modesty in order to guard their messy bun technique?

A messy bun is like the beloved chocolate chip cookie. It’s a classic that you can dress up or dress down. Everyone has her own special recipe. A messy bun is simple enough to make with a few components. The best messy buns, though, are made with secret ingredients or special techniques. Find out what works for you!

Messy Bun Basics for Beginners

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been looking for a “Messy Bun 101” tutorial. The next time you get some stay-in-bed time check out the instructional videos below. These bun babes helped me wrap my hair around the elusive messy bun style.

How To: Messy Bun | Zoella

Cute Messy Bun | Less than 5 mins | Mikaela Smith

6 Easy Messy Buns | Annies Forget Me Knots

Do you notice that my search terms include “easy” and “less than 5 mins”?

A Final Thought – From the Pillow

A cute top knot in less than five minutes, not a problem!

So stay in bed a little longer tomorrow morning. There’s no need to get up earlier. You’ve got this! If you have short hair or if you haven’t quite mastered the messy bun style, then throw on a cute hat. No primping and preening necessary!

Do you have any messy bun tricks or tips?

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