5 movie-inspired Halloween costumes for siblings

Hey boo-tiful, are you ready for Halloween night?

Here are five Halloween costumes, for your kids, inspired by some of my favorite movies.

As you may know, I have a preschooler boy and a toddler girl, so I scoured my brain and the Internet for sibling Halloween costume ideas that are easy, cheap (well, mostly!), and above all creative.

These costumes can be put together with clothing and items you have around your house. No sewing required! (No breaking out in hives, I promise.) You may have to run to the store or make a few Amazon Prime purchases to complete your looks.

For parents of multiple children, I included a few more character options. You can easily adapt my his and her/brother-sister costume ideas to suit your family.

For your little ghosts and ghouls…

1. Elliot and Gertie from E.T. – the Extraterrestrial (1982)

My 15-month-old Elliott from E.T.; my little Gertie was still in utero
Photo on Costume-Works.com

For Multiple Siblings: Elliot’s older teenaged brother, one of Elliot’s friends, Elliot’s mom, the NASA scientist/astronaut dude

2. Carl Fredricksen and Russell from Up (2009)

Photo on Country Living Magazine

Photo on Pinterest

For Multiple Siblings: Kevin (bird), Dug (dog), Carl’s house, a balloon bunch

3. Forrest Gump and Lieutenant Dan OR Forrest Gump and Jenny Gump from Forrest Gump (1994)

Photo on Costume-Works.com

Photo on Diply

For Multiple Siblings: Little Forrest Junior, Bubba, a jumbo shrimp, Mama

4. Napoleon Dynamite and Deb from Napoleon Dynamite (2004)

Photo on Costume-Works.com

For Multiple Siblings: Kip, Pedro, Tina (llama), Uncle Rico

5. Joel and Clementine from Eternal Sunshine from the Spotless Mind (2004)

Photo on Emma Magazine

Photo on Live Free Creative Co

For Multiple Siblings: Grownup versions of Joel and Clem (See above.)

A Final Thought – From the Pillow

Less is more when it comes to kiddie costumes.

So pick costumes that are easy to wear and easy to execute.

An added bonus is when the costumes can be reworn in everyday life. For instance, my son’s red “Elliot” hoodie jacket and blue jeans, both from Old Navy, became wardrobe staples. Memories made! Money well spent!!

What are you dressing your ghosts and ghouls in this year?

Have an unBOOlievable Halloween night!

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