Potty training and emojis

Did you ever notice that the poop emoji 💩 looks exactly like soft serve chocolate ice cream 🍦? Imagine removing the emoji’s face and placing the pile atop an ice cream cone. Wallah, you have dessert!

I share this epiphany to encourage all you moms and dads to look on the bright side of life, to see the glass half full, not half empty. Potty training, just like any endeavor, will be much easier to accomplish if we stay positive.

Fred Poo-Poo

My mom, AKA “Grammy”, bought my son a poop emoji stuffed doll/pillow as a Christmas gift. I saw it in a store and knew my guy had to have it. I mean when is a poop emoji not funny…and instructive…especially during the potty training process?

We got to calling it “Fred Poo-Poo” and the name stuck like doggie doodie to a shoe. Fred Poo-Poo started off as a detached roommate and graduated to become a fixture in my son’s stuffed animal menagerie. While Fred Poo-Poo never made it to the acclaimed status of Mickey or Minnie Mouse, he did earn an exalted position right above my son’s pillow for a few consecutive nights.


When we started potty training the first time, he was repelled by Fred Poo-Poo. My son was upset by his presence, hysterically asking me to put him in the hallway and out of his room. It was as if Freddy P’s big eyes were taunting him, “Big boy?!? More like big baby in diapers.”

But I knew to try again when he welcomed Fred back into his room weeks later. It was as if my son was saying, “Mommy, wow! I’m a big kid now…[I’m ready to use the potty].”

A Quick History of the Poop Emoji

You either love or hate the poop emoji. In case you don’t know, a poop emoji looks like a pile of chocolate soft serve ice cream with a friendly face. It’s used to express dissatisfaction in a text or an e-mail.

I, for one, love to discuss poop, but my husband doesn’t share my interest in all things. For all you poop lovers out there, this beloved or reviled icon can be purchased in doll, slipper, or sticker form. What more could you ever want in life?

Google’s original design in 2008 was quite literally a steaming pile of turd with a swarm of flies hovering over it. Yuck! The revised design was modeled after a Japanese manga character named Poop-Boy. Yay!!

Our Potty Training Story


😢 Sad our son’s not getting the hang of it

😡 Furious/extremely annoyed we have to do laundry more than once a week 😆 (I debated just buying more underwear. That’s how poopy of a laundress I am!)

🍭 Candy prizes, a strong motivator

💩 “Mommy, I pooped!”

😀 Happy he’s potty trained* and accident-free (well mostly)

*It took us two months, and we started heavy training just after his third birthday. Note: My son still wears pull-ups at nap and bedtime.

A Final Thought – From the Pillow

Holy shit ⛪️ 💩, potty training can be a shit storm 💩☔️!

So celebrate the small successes along the way. Don’t be a “potty” party pooper 🎉💩 just yet. You can, and you will potty train your child.

Tell us your potty training story through emojis.


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  1. I was so excited when my daughter told me she found a “Poop Emoji ” on Amazon to purchase for a Christmas present. Why because I call my grandson my “stinky boy” or my “stinky poo poo”. Of course it’s not because he is stinky!! It is my love talk that we share together. He is a funny little guy who loves to laugh and this brings a smile to both our faces. How perfect to have “Fred Poo Poo” in the potty training process. I love my “stinky boy”. Love Grammy. ❤️❤️❤️

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