Mom types

I’ve heard other moms label and categorize moms (and dads) into types. We need to ask, why do we put a tag on ourselves? Is it really fair to smack a label on other mothers, even our own? Labels are limiting.

If you Google search “mom types”, you’ll get lots of results. The Internet is teeming with articles like “10 Types of Moms You Meet at School” by ParentSociety, “8 Types of Moms:  Which One Are You?” by CafeMom, “Watch Out! 7 Mom Types You’ll Meet” by The Bump, and “Mom Types:  These 5 Are Instantly Recognizable” by The Huffington Post Canada, just to name a few.

  1. The PTA Mom or Helicopter Mom:  a mom who micromanages every aspect of her child’s life
  2. The Free-Range Mom:  a mom who consciously tries to disconnect from every aspect of her child’s life
  3. The Cool “Bleep It” Mom: a mom who doesn’t care what her child is doing and who s/he is spending time with (a variation on No. 2 The Free-Range Mom)
  4. The Parenting Expert “Statistics” Mom:  a mom who reads up on the latest trends in parenting, scientific, and pseudoscientific articles from sources like WebMD, BabyCenter, What to Expect, The Bump
  5. The Career Mom:  a mom who works outside (or inside) the home, full-time or part-time
  6. The “Crunchy” (Granola) Everything Organic Mom:  a mom who practices natural, organic living – not to be mistaken for the “scrunchy” mom who believes in natural organic living, but can’t commit to the practices of a “crunchy” mom or the “silky” mom who doesn’t care as much about being green or living an organic lifestyle
  7. The Hipster Mom: a mom who makes sure she raises her child to be “like strictly authentic”
  8. The Hot Mom:  a mom who shows off her hot body at mommy meetups and is as good at burping her baby as she is at doing burpees.
  9. The “Perfect” Mom: a mom who outwardly seems to do everything perfect and consequently makes other moms feel jealous and inadequate, intentionally or unintentionally
  10. The Judgmental “Frenemy” Competitive Mom:  a mom who competes with other moms (“Anything you can do, I can do better.”)
  11. The Silent Mom:  a mom who is guarded and difficult to get to know at mommy meetups
  12. The “Hot Mess” Mom:  a mom who has trouble juggling the demands of parenthood and life in general (the realest of the moms and me!)
  13. The Panic-Stricken Mom:  a mom who seems to be in a constant state of anxiety (yep, also me!)
  14. The Grandmotherly Mom:  a mom who supports other moms and their choices (my favorite kind of mom)
  15. The Stay-in-Bed Mom:  a mom who gives herself a break from parenting and indulges in the occasional “mommy sabbatical” from time to time

A Final Thought – From the Pillow

There’s no “best” type of mom.

So stop being so judge-y of other moms. The best type of mom is the one who’s doing her best. Good moms come in all shapes, sizes, and types.

Have you ever judged another mother? Have you avoided, or befriended, a mom simply because she was one of these types?

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