Picture books about siblings

Thanks for joining my “Mommy and Me” Book Club. I hope you’re enjoying my ongoing “stay in bed and read” series. See my previous post on The Immortalists for a book summary and “quotable quotes”.

As you’re reading The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin in bed (or in your favorite armchair), feel free to share these picture books with your children.

For every “mommy book” read, I’ll suggest a “me book” for your children with a similar theme. It is my hope that this “Mommy and Me” book club is a fun activity for you and your children.

5 Picture Books About Siblings

Owl Babies

1. Owl Babies (1992) | Martin Waddell

This book is a favorite of my son’s and of mine because it celebrates the bond between siblings. Three owl babies reassure one another as they wait for mommy to come home. This book reminds readers you can count on your siblings when life gets a little scary. (Age Range:  3-7 years)

What Brothers Do Best

2. What Brothers Do Best (2012) | Laura Numeroff

My son received this book when he became a big brother. Brothers can do amazing things like push you on a swing, teach you how to swim, and make music with you. This book honors brothers and all the ordinary and extraordinary things they can do. (Age Range:  2-4 years)

I Am a Big Brother!

3. I Am a Big Brother (2015) | Caroline Jayne Church

This is another book my son was given when his little sister was born. (We’re also big fans of Church’s Ten Tiny Toes.) A little baby boy is set on becoming the very best big brother ever. This book describes the excitement a child feels when a new baby joins the family. (Age Range:  2-4 years)


4. Chloe (2012) | Peter McCarty

Middle bunny-child Chloe treasures imaginative pretend play with her twenty brothers and sisters. But everything changes when Dad brings home another “sibling”, a TV! This book reminds us how important family time is, without the electronics. (Age Range:  2-6 years)

Tallulah's Solo

5. Tallulah’s Solo (2012) | Marilyn Singer

A follow-up to Tallulah’s Tutu (2011), there’s a new boy in the ballet corps, Beckett, Tallulah’s little brother. At first she’s proud, but then Tallulah’s less than enthused when Beckett spends class time picking his nose and shuffling around in his ballet slippers. This book is a worthwhile read as it teaches a valuable lesson. (Age Range:  4-8 years)

A Final Thought – From the Pillow

You can get along fine in life without siblings. But not using them as a resource is regrettable.

So share books with your children that model healthy and happy sibling interactions. Life is filled with darkness and difficulty. So why not navigate life’s sometimes daunting path with one of your first companions and champions?

What other picture books would you add the list?

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