Just one more show in bed

I’m reblogging this post in honor of Arrested Development’s new Season 5 on Netflix.

Stay-in-Bed Mom

This stay-in-bed mom (SIBM) wouldn’t get through the day without at least twenty (-ish) minutes to watch or rewatch a favorite TV show in bed. I crave catharsis, a good laugh or a good cry. Something that’s just for me. I imagine you need comic or tragic relief in your busy mom life too.

Moms, like us, have limited downtime, so it’s important we use our free time well. But choose a TV series wisely. After becoming a mom, I had an epiphany: I have very little time. So why waste it watching bad TV?

Netflix and Chill-lax (Self-Love for Moms)

My preferred way to relax is to stay in bed and watch TV. For a mom with limited free time, I give my highest recommendation to Arrested Development (Seasons 1-3, 2003-2006, aired on Fox; Season 4, 2013, released on Netflix). This TV series is my standby. It’s no…

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